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The internal maintenance of cold storage

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Cold storage of sterilization and disinfection

Cooking materials and food cold storage refrigeration has contain some fat, protein and starch.The presence of these nutrients, can make the mold and bacteria multiply growth.To do a good job in cold library health management quality of the refrigerated food and cooking materials, cold library will be performed periodically health disinfection work.Cold storage in addition to mildew kill mildew and disinfection, can use first acids disinfectant.Acids disinfectant bactericidal effect, mainly is the protein in solidification bacteria.Often the disinfectant with lactic acid, has acid, peroxide bleaching powder, formaldehyde, etc.

Ways to eliminate peculiar smell in the refrigerator

1.The reason to the peculiar smell in refrigerator

So-called bad breath, that is, cooking materials and food in the refrigerator under the influence of external factors,Through the change of physical chemistry, produce a kind of abnormal smell, over time, the smell is adhesion in cold storage walls, ceiling, and equipment and tools.Produce peculiar smell in the cold storage, generally have the following several aspects: the cause of cold storage in before the food has a peculiar smell.Into the cold storage, the former food has the rotten phenomenon, such as bad eggs, meat, fish, etc.Fish storage cold storage, without cleaning the store foods such as meat, eggs, or fruit vegetables, the sour smell infection.Cold storage ventilation, temperature, humidity, cause mould multiply, produce kegare flavour.Cold storage refrigeration pipeline leak, to the refrigerant (ammonia) erosion caused the peculiar smell in the food.In the cold storage temperature is not down, cause meat metamorphism addled corrupt flavour.This kind of situation happened in fresh frozen, chilled the library storage.Different smell of food is a cold storage room, lead to the food changing infection with each other. 

2.To prevent the refrigerator odor produced by the method

Into the cold storage refrigeration food, must pass a test, no bad before warehousing storage.Cold storage warehouse before the purchase can not have peculiar smell.If there is peculiar smell, must through technology processing, eliminate peculiar smell rear can use.Common to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, it is forbidden to pour pile unloading, to prevent the broken line, therefore, caused by leakage of refrigerant.Food in the process of cold work, must make the temperature of the cold storage warehouse keeping, shall not transfer system of frozen food in the library or stored.If the cold storage warehouse temperature drop down, should find the reason, after being ruled out any food processing.Food is not allowed inside the refrigerator mixed infection with each other.

3.Cold storage ways to eliminate peculiar smell

Ozone method:Ozone has strong oxidation, not only can eliminate peculiar smell, cold storage warehouse can also stop the growth of microorganisms.The ozone generator, can realize the smell out of warehouse.If in the cold storage to store fat more food is unfavorable use ozone treatment, so as to avoid fat oxidation and rancidity.

Formaldehyde method:Will be out of the goods inside the cold storage warehouse, with 2% formalin (i.e., formalin solution) disinfection and eliminate peculiar smell.

The vinegar method:Cold storage warehouse of fish, the fish smell very heavy.Unfavorable to other foods, to the thorough cleaning eliminate fishy rear can into other foods.General removing fishy smell method is to adopt the method of the vinegar.Specific means is: after the fish out of the cold storage, the evaporation duct group of frost layer on clean, and keep the warehouse temperature under 50 ℃, and then press the cold storage warehouse every cubic meters volume prepared with vinegar 50 ~ 100 grams, with spray Chambers to injection, first the warehouse door closed tightly, on and off to start the blower, let the vinegar volatilization and flow in the house of the rolls, plenty of the vinegar will absorb the fishy smell.Generally about from 4 to 24 hours after open the refrigerator door, continuous drum wind outbound outside hours of vinegar can be!

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