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The five points for attention in design the cold room

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Formed a perfect design of refrigerator is not easy, it needs to comprehensive consideration and measure can be worked out, the process of design, the use of user requirements and the installation location and other factors must be taken into consideration, to ensure a better fit the user the use demand in the future.Reduce failure and improve efficiency.Cold storage key points of consideration in the design include the following:

1. Cold storage capacity

According to the size of the cold storage all the year round to design the volume of storage of agricultural products of the highest.The capacity is according to the storage products piled up necessary to occupy in the cold storage volume, add row aisle, the space between the pile and wall, ceiling, and packaging of the gap calculated.Sure cold storage capacity, to determine the length and height of refrigerator.

2. Cold storage library site selection and preparation

Refrigerator design consideration when necessary ancillary buildings and facilities, such as workshop, packaging, sorting, tools, libraries, and between loading and unloading platform, etc.According to the use of nature, can be divided into the refrigerator distributivity, retail, productive refrigerator refrigerator refrigerator three categories.Productive cold storage was built in the supply of goods, relatively concentrated in the region to consider the transportation is convenient, contact with the market and other factors.Cold storage should have good drainage conditions around, underground water level is lower, under a cold storage has interlayer, best and keep well ventilated, dry is important for cold storage.

3. Cold storage insulation material selection

Must adjust measures to local conditions, material selection of cold storage insulation should not only have good heat insulation performance, and economic and practical.Modern structures are fabricated cold storage refrigerator development, made including moistureproof layer and insulating layer of cold storage components, field assembly, its advantage is construction convenient, fast, and mobile,  but the cost is higher.

4. Selection of cold storage cooling system

The choice of cold storage cooling system is mainly the selection of refrigerator compressor with the evaporator.In general, small refrigerator choose closed compressor is given priority to.Medium-sized refrigerator generally choose semi-closed compressor is given priority to;Large selection of semi-closed compressor refrigerator, but quite tedious refrigerator design cold storage installation and management.

5. The selection of refrigerating compressor

In cold storage refrigeration unit, the capacity of refrigeration compressor refrigerator equipment and quantity is the maximum heat load according to the scale of production, and under the condition of considering the cooling parameters are configured.In the actual production, can't be exactly the same as that of design conditions.Therefore, must carry on the selection and adjustment according to actual production condition, to determine the reasonable number of compressor capacity and put into operation in order to use the lowest consumption, the most suitable conditions to complete the need of cold storage refrigeration task.

In selection and adjust the compressor refrigerator design and installation, shall be carried out according to the following points:

(1) According to how much and cold heat load between evaporator refrigeration capacity to choose the size of the compressor, make the operation of the compressor refrigeration capacity and heat load and cold storage refrigeration equipment refrigeration capacity.

(2) When the evaporation temperature is higher, the actual condensing temperature is higher, the need to adopt a bipolar compression refrigeration.General with compression ratio is equal to 8 as a dividing line, when the compression ratio is less than 8, the single stage compression;Compression ratio greater than or equal to 8, will use the bipolar compressed. 

(3) Make every machine is running in burden of only one type of evaporation temperature of the heat load as much as possible, really can get good refrigeration effect.

(4) A bipolar compressor or bipolar compressor unit, according to the middle temperature, condensation temperature, evaporation temperature, etc., the volume ratio of reasonable adjustment of high and low pressure compressor.

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