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Cold Room Panel

Cold Room, Uses PU Sandwich Panel

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Cold Room, Uses PU Sandwich Panel

Product Brief :

Cold room for fish, vegetable blast freezer cold room vaccine storage refrigerator can be built at any size according to your requirement, temperature range from -40 to 15°C
Also can be put the rack or pallets to improve the utilization space of room and easy to

Product Type :


Cold room for fish, vegetable blast freezer cold room vaccine storage refrigerator can be 

built at any size according to your requirement, temperature range from -40 to 15°C

Also can be put the rack or pallets to improve the utilization space of room and easy to 

handing, fast assemble, convenient to adjust the layer height

Forklift can go into the passage for improving the utility ratio of room

What is needed to design a cold room:

Outline dimension in metres (length×width×height)

Main building to hold the room: steel structure, civil work structure or others

Local voltage, local frequency: 380V/3P/50Hz

Lowest and highest temperature in construction site

Product type: meat, fruit, food or others

Temperature of product before stored into the cold room

Indoor temperature required

Cooling time required

Numbers of time to open and close to door per day

Whether driving forklift in the room

Feature of cold room:

Supply power: 380V-50Hz-3P or others

Temperature: -40 to 20°C

Copeland condensing unit or others famous brand

DANFOSS pressure controller or others

Size: customized

PU, EPS panels, swing or sliding door

Other electronic fitting 

Cold room specification:

Refrigeration system: compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant

Electric system: siemens and schneider electric components or others

Selection of world famous compressors, such as Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop, Turin

Insulation panel: use 100% polyurethane insulation panel, density about 38~46kg/m3, with 

gasket, with flame retardant

Panel thickness: 100-200mm, standard width of panel is 980mm

Materials: PU, EPS, XPS panel, metal sheet

Metal sheet: painted color steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, or other.

Thickness of panel: 75,100,120,150 and 200mm 

Different temperature requires different thickness of panel

Cold room door:

Swing door and sliding door for choice

Swing door: manual opened, automatic

Coated with stainless steel sheet, color steel sheet on the ace plate

Polyurethane insulation panels material

Cold room  application:

Food (meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink), medicine, chemical and electronics

Functions: fresh-keeping. freezing, quick-freezing. fire-proof, air-conditioning is all 


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