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Cold Room Panel

PU cold storage sandwich panels with color bond

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PU cold storage sandwich panels with color bond

Product Brief :
  • Panel details:

    • Panel width: 960 and 1000mm

    • Panel length: 12,000mm

    • Steel thickness: 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8mm

    • Regular steel sheet color code: RAL 9002 (grey white)

    • PU density: 40 ± 2kg/m3

    • Heat transfer coefficient: 0.024W/m * k

    • Bending strength: 331MPa

    • Fire rating: B2

    • Surface of panels: can choose various type of surface materials

    • Standards: JB and T6527 to 2006

Product Type :


Panel details:

Panel width: 960 and 1000mm

Panel length: 12,000mm

Steel thickness: 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8mm

Regular steel sheet color code: RAL 9002 (grey white)

PU density: 40 ± 2kg/m3

Heat transfer coefficient: 0.024W/m * k

Bending strength: 331MPa

Fire rating: B2

Surface of panels: can choose various type of surface materials

Standards: JB and T6527 to 2006

Cold storage panel option (by various materials):

Stainless steel

Painted galvanized steel

Galvanized steel

Number base plate THK and applicable temperature range:

50mm high temperature (5°C or above)

75mm medium temperature (-5°C or above)

100mm low temperature (-30°C or above)

150-200mm ultra low temperature (-45°C or above)

Product description:

Walk in freezer size and temperature can be made according to customer's requirements 

polyurethane panels are used for enclosing structures, which has good heat insulation and 

high intensity core is high rigid polyurethane and external is color steel or stainless 

steel can reduce heat transmission caused by different temperature between internal and 

external and so maximum efficiency of freezing and refrigerating systems

Scientifically design and convenient use and it has become material for lower construction cost


Using 100% polyurethane insulation panel, density about 40-45kg/m3 and with gasket with flame 


Food (meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy and drink), medicine, chemical and electronics 

Materials: polyurethane and metal sheet metal sheet: it is can be with painted steel sheet 

and stainless steel sheet for choice

Electric heating wire around door frame to void icing

Safe door knob inside

Positive plastic seal fixed to door to avoid cooling air losses

Can do customized dimension according to customer's requirements

Access to all leading cold room refrigerators brands and can offer independent advice and 

recommend right equipment to meet your business requirements

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